Protecting our Seniors

Far too often, senior citizens are victims of fraud, abuse, and exploitation. Last year alone, senior financial abuse was estimated to have cost victims at least $2.9 billion nationally. The Attorney General’s office must be fully equipped to care for and protect our seniors who have spent their lives caring for us.  As Attorney General, I will fight to protect seniors from exploitation and abuse.

As Attorney General, I will ensure that our Senior Protection Unit:

  • Has a staff member available to answer calls when a victim needs assistance with any issues relating to fraud, abuse, neglect, or theft.
  • Is responsive to complaints and able to follow through with investigations and enforcement actions.
  • Will protect seniors from internet and phone scams by educating the community about common schemes and the best practices to avoid falling victim to these dangerous calls and email scams.
  • Will prosecute individuals and businesses preying on our seniors.

Our seniors deserve our best care and protection. But far too often, they are taken advantage of and subjected to physical and financial abuse. As Attorney General, I will deploy my office’s resources to provide people-oriented responsive services to protect our seniors.