Environmental Protection

President Trump’s EPA is full of climate change deniers, spearheading the federal government’s attack on environmental protection laws and policies.  Delaware’s beaches are one of our jewels, and we must do everything possible to protect them. Delaware needs an Attorney General who will lead the fight to ensure that we have safe drinking water, clean air, protected wildlife habitats, and clean beaches. Across the country, Attorneys General have already filed over 80 actions to protect our environment from the toxic agenda emanating from Washington D.C. I’m ready to join them.

As Attorney General, I will:

  • Fight to protect Delawareans--especially those in Sussex County-- from offshore drilling that pollutes our waters and scars our beautiful beaches and natural habitats.
  • Work with state agencies to make sure our drinking water is safe and our air is free of toxic pollutants.
  • Implement and enforce environmental regulations to protect our natural lands, like state and local parks, from being auctioned off to gas and oil companies.
  • Join a coalition of Attorneys General to combat harmful anti-environment policies that exacerbate climate change and threaten our health.
  • Hold all polluters accountable by investigating and prosecuting civil and criminal violations of environmental laws.

There is overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is real and the consequences are serious for all Delawareans.   As Attorney General, I will remain committed to making sure our drinking water is safe and our air is clean. We need to be proactive to protect our health, land and water, and ensure a safe, sustainable climate for our children.