Consumer Protection

Proven Results:

As Delaware’s Chief Deputy Attorney General, I spearheaded the effort to create the Consumer Fraud Unit.  After successfully seeking legislation that provided protections for consumers, I helped established this unit to protect seniors from scams, people with disabilities from exploitation, and Delaware homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgages. The Consumer Fraud Division provides consumers with the knowledge and resources to remedy wrongs that are committed against them. It is vitally important that all Delawareans know that the Attorney General’s Office is here to make sure businesses are not engaging in illegal conduct. 

As Attorney General, I will:

  • Fight back against abusive business practices that aim to exploit Delaware’s vulnerable populations.
  • Ensure my office listens to consumers and conducts investigations into unfair business practices.
  • Stop deceptive and fraudulent businesses from taking advantage of Delaware’s consumers.
  • Hold all businesses accountable for illegal behavior by suing companies that break the law and obtaining financial compensation for impacted consumers.
  • Educate people about their rights as consumers to help them avoid becoming victims of scams and fraud.
  • Support Delaware homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgages so that banks do not unnecessarily foreclose on their homes.

As Attorney General, I will work to ensure that Delawareans are protected from fraudulent and unfair business practices. I will always protect consumers and Delaware’s most vulnerable populations and provide support for anyone in need of a helping hand.